Children can’t wait.

HDF works to protect and promote children’s rights.

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Human Dignity Foundation was established in 2004 to enable children to live with dignity. Protecting and promoting children’s rights is the first step in enabling them to live safe, fulfilling and dignified lives. We partner with like-minded organisations to tackle some of the gravest threats to their rights – specifically child sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Child sexual abuse is pervasive and common to all societies. 18% of girls and 8% of boys experience sexual violence in childhood . Technology-enabled abuse now threatens to overwhelm efforts to protect children.

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Female Genital Mutilation

Practices harmful to children are a fundamental contravention of their rights and solutions need to be informed by local knowledge, locally-led and founded in children’s rights above all else.

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Children can’t wait.

Human Dignity Foundation announces two major initiatives to uncover the global prevalence of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Disrupting harm in Kenya

DISRUPTING HARM | The Kenyan study is the first in a series of reports which shares the findings of children’s perceptions of and participation in various online practices, as well as their experiences of online child sexual exploitation.

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