Better Care Network

Advocating for an end to volunteering in residential care

2014 - 2016

Better Care Network is an international network of organisations committed to supporting children without adequate family care. They foster collaboration, research and information sharing on family strengthening and alternative care, and advocate for changes to national, regional, and global policies to improve children’s care situations. HDF’s grant funded an initiative to reduce the practice of volunteering in residential care through collective advocacy and enable more resources and support to be directed towards more positive models of care for children.


TED talks ending violence against children

The challenge to end violence against children took centre stage at TEDSummit 2019 in Edinburgh. Howard Taylor, Executive Director of End Violence Against Children, explored the truly devastating scale of violence against children and the truly unprecendented opportunity we all…

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Why is birth registration so important?

Plan International´s Birth Registration Innovation Team are bringing 6 key principles of innovation to this challenge. They have developed a tailored innovation process to create sustainable and scalable solutions for birth registration. Understand Contextual Constraints: What differentiates constraints from pain…

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