A Breeze of Hope Foundation

Providing trauma-informed services to child survivors of sexual violence

2018 - 2019

Founded in 2004, A Breeze of Hope Foundation exists to provide free legal, social, and psychological support to victims of sexual violence. Bolivia has amongst the highest rates of sexual violence against women and girls in South America, and one of the lowest rates of reporting. 1 in 3 girls experience sexual violence before they reach the age of 18. HDF provided core financial support to the CUBE centre, Bolivia’s only establishment dedicated to providing trauma-informed services to child abuse victims.


What does ‘safer’ look like?

Already today children represent one third of all Internet users. While benefiting tremendously from connectivity for their education and entertainment, they are also exposed to major risks and threats online, including different forms of violence and exploitation, bullying, radicalization, and more.

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Tech companies report 100% increase in online child abuse photos and videos in 12 months

NYTIMES.COM | The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong? Online predators create and share the illegal material, which is increasingly cloaked by technology. Tech companies, the government and the authorities are no match.

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TED talks ending violence against children

The challenge to end violence against children took centre stage at TEDSummit 2019 in Edinburgh. Howard Taylor, Executive Director of End Violence Against Children, explored the truly devastating scale of violence against children and the truly unprecendented opportunity we all…

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