Forum Against Harmful Practices

Establishing a media academy for better journalism

Sierra Leone
2017 - 2018

Forum Against Harmful Practices is a coalition of civil society organisations formed in 2014 to end FGM and other harmful practices in Sierra Leone. As part of HDF’s funding for the Global Media Campaign, they held a landmark media academy to utilise the reach and influence of the press. A group of leading journalists were exposed to the practical realities of FGM and its harmful medical effects, religious perspectives, and the media code of ethics and laws.


Two years on: the fund to end violence against children

Since 2016 $68,000,000 has been raised and $37,600,000 invested in 49 organisations. The scale of support for these initiatives is impressive, but more resources and momentum from across the public and private sectors are required to respond to a pervasive…

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The first US summit to end female genital mutilation

The momentum generated by summits like this is the lifeblood of change. At the heart of the movement to end FGM are the survivors who represent the most vulnerable and at risk – those without a platform to speak. Activists…

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Launch of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

The Global Partnership today also launched the new INSPIRE package of seven proven strategies to prevent violence against children, created with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the CDC, End Violence Against Children, the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), The U.S….

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