Ignite Philanthropy

Inspiring the end to violence against girls and boys

2017 - 2022

Ignite Philanthropy is a pooled donor fund that advances the work of the End Violence Partnership and sparks progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. In partnership with Oak Foundation and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, HDF founded Ignite Philanthropy to take advantage of philanthropy’s unique role, flexibility, and ability to act quickly to empower partners and allies. The pooled fund acts as a discreet convener and hosts the Investors Forum which offers a range of interested donors the opportunity to align and increase funding and policy action to urgently end all violence against children.



BRAVEMOVEMENT.ORG | Sign the G7 petition now. Please join us as survivors and our allies to demand prevention to protect current and future generations; healing for survivors and their families; justice for survivors, and holding perpetrators and the complicit to account.

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Children can’t wait.

Human Dignity Foundation announces two major initiatives to uncover the global prevalence of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Disrupting harm in Kenya

DISRUPTING HARM | The Kenyan study is the first in a series of reports which shares the findings of children’s perceptions of and participation in various online practices, as well as their experiences of online child sexual exploitation.

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