Identifying and rescuing victims of online child sexual exploitation

2015 - 2023

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organisation, with 192 member countries. They facilitate cross-border cooperation through a network of regional and national bureaus. INTERPOL also serves as the worldwide information hub for law enforcement cooperation and provides policing capabilities that support member countries to fight and prevent transnational crimes. HDF supports INTERPOL’s Crimes Against Children Unit to combat internet-facilitated crimes against children, including identifiying victims and perpetrators and working with member countries to rescue children and prosecute abusers.

To date, the INTERPOL team has identified over 10,000 victims, leading to the sharing of over 2000 case files with local law enforcement. In addition, the secure ICSE database, which is used by INTERPOL members to share information and expertise, has grown by hundreds of thousands of unique pieces of analysed and categorised media. In 2020 HDF confirmed funding support for a second phase of this important work running until 2023.


Six policies to end violence against children

END-VIOLENCE.ORG | If adopted and implemented, these game-changing proposals will strengthen the policy and legislative environment, bolster institutional frameworks and systems, and provide the funding and other resources needed to translate what we know works into sustainable change.

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Johns Hopkins experts to develop programmes that prevent child sexual abuse perpetration

The five-year program, led by the Moore Center, will identify, validate, and disseminate perpetration prevention programmes worldwide. The award is thought to be the single largest investment in child sexual abuse prevention.

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At the heart of the challenge to better understand the scale and hidden prevalence of child sexual abuse is the lack of robust data

CSACENTRE.ORG.UK | The UK Home Office recently published the Tackling CSA Strategy, the country’s first ever cross-government approach to tackling child sexual abuse. This renewed focus on all forms of child sexual abuse is an important step forward.

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