Providing 24-hour support for children - Childline

2015 - 2015

The ISPCC was established in 1889 and focuses its efforts on preventive work, providing services to children and their families. They also campaign vocally for legislative changes to safeguard children and their rights. ISPCC is also the only organisation in Ireland providing 24-hour support services to children and young people through its Childline service. HDF provided a grant during a period of funding difficulty to help the ISPCC leverage the additional funds required for the maintenance of ChildLine.


TED talks ending violence against children

The challenge to end violence against children took centre stage at TEDSummit 2019 in Edinburgh. Howard Taylor, Executive Director of End Violence Against Children, explored the truly devastating scale of violence against children and the truly unprecendented opportunity we all…

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Why is birth registration so important?

Plan International┬┤s Birth Registration Innovation Team are bringing 6 key principles of innovation to this challenge. They have developed a tailored innovation process to create sustainable and scalable solutions for birth registration. Understand Contextual Constraints: What differentiates constraints from pain…

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