Onelife Initiative for Human Development

Delivering a multi-lingual media campaign against FGM/C in Nigeria

2017 - 2017

Onelife Initiative for Human Development is a Nigerian non-profit working to bring sustainable social change to young people. As part of HDF’s support for the Global Media Campaign, OneLife delivered the Nigeria Media Campaign to End FGM through a series of media training courses for journalists, targeted radio broadcasts and street rallies. The campaign travelled north and south, producing content in five languages – Hausa, Igbo, Ijaw, Yoruba and Pidgin English.


Children can’t wait.

Human Dignity Foundation announces two major initiatives to uncover the global prevalence of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Six policies to end violence against children

END-VIOLENCE.ORG | If adopted and implemented, these game-changing proposals will strengthen the policy and legislative environment, bolster institutional frameworks and systems, and provide the funding and other resources needed to translate what we know works into sustainable change.

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ONE BILLION CHILDREN. That’s how many girls and boys suffer from violence every year

The launch of Together to #ENDviolence, a global campaign and Solutions Summit Series to catalyse the political and financial commitments to end violence against children, gathered 1,900 participants from 130 countries.

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