Orchid Project

Supporting Maasai and Samburu-led initiatives to end FGM/C

2015-2016 - 2020-2023

Orchid Project uses advocacy, communications and partnerships to pursue an end to the practice of FGM. They focus on convening activists and decision makers at every level – from grassroots to international.

As part of HDF’s coordinated support for the inclusion and maintenance of a specific FGM-related indicator in the Sustainable Development Goals, in 2015/16 Orchid Project delivered an advocacy plan targeting various UN agencies, the European Commission, and a range of political stakeholders across Europe and North America.

Since 2020, Orchid Project has been leading an initiative to reduce the prevalence of FGM/C amongst the Maasai and Samburu ethnic groups in Kenya. Their approach focuses on raising awareness of the risks of FGM/C in Narok and Samburu counties, supporting community members to debate and question the practice, and helping girls to feel empowered and have agency in their own lives.


ONE BILLION CHILDREN. That’s how many girls and boys suffer from violence every year

The launch of Together to #ENDviolence, a global campaign and Solutions Summit Series to catalyse the political and financial commitments to end violence against children, gathered 1,900 participants from 130 countries.

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What works to prevent sexual violence against children?

The data is clear: Sexual violence affects girls and boys in every country around the world. For far too long it has been a silent pandemic, with little awareness of the scope, scale, and consequences of the problem or understanding of potential solutions. That silence has allowed violence against children to perpetuate.

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TED talks ending violence against children

The challenge to end violence against children took centre stage at TEDSummit 2019 in Edinburgh. Howard Taylor, Executive Director of End Violence Against Children, explored the truly devastating scale of violence against children and the truly unprecendented opportunity we all…

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